First Goal

Registration opens May 1, 2023 at 9:00 am

Spots fill up quickly, don't wait to register or you may miss out

First Goal provides first-time participants (boys and girls) aged 5-10 with hockey equipment as well as the opportunity to enjoy instructional hockey sessions. The 2022 program was sponsored by Invisalign & Carolina Hurricanes forward, Andrei Svechnikov #37.

In preparation for First Goal and the introduction to hockey skills, we strongly recommend completing a Learn to Skate program. You can register for a Learn to Skate program with Airborne Ice Skating at the Cleland Ice Rink's front office.

The First Goal coaches will be evaluating players to help them find the next program to keep them playing hockey at Cleland Ice Rink. The Cape Fear Youth Hockey Warriors program has plenty of options to keep your son or daughter playing.

For more information or to register please visit:
Shane Willis - Manager of Youth Hockey -

The Hurricanes First Goal Program is now full

Welcome to Fort Liberty, home of the Airborne and Special Operation Forces!

To access Cleland Ice Rink, you will need to first clear security through the main gate, the All American Access Control Point. If you have a Department of Defense ID, you may enter through any gate.

All American Access Control Point

All American Gate or ACP (Access Control Point) Address
3550 All American Fwy, Fort Liberty, NC 28310
Phone: 910-907-5165/5166
Hours: 5:00 am - 9:00 pm, 7 days a week

Visitor Center Instructions:
A 10-15 minute registration is required for all visitors to enter the Fort Liberty installation. All visitors should park and enter the All American Visitor Control Center with the following information ready: 

  • Valid state DL for all drivers and valid state DL or ID for all passengers over the age of 16
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Valid Insurance for vehicle
  • If you are NOT a U.S. citizen, please contact the appropriate team manager before the game. There are additional steps required for foreign nationals to enter post. A military service member will need to be present with you at the Visitor's Center before a pass can be generated.

After a pass is obtained from inside the Visitor Control Center, you may be subject to a vehicle inspection which involves:

  • Everyone exiting the vehicle. 
  • Raising your vehicle hood and opening all doors; in addition, to any glove boxes/consoles.
  • Standing at the designated area while the vehicle is inspected.
  • Providing documents from above again. 
    • Valid state DL for all drivers and valid state DL or ID for all passengers over the age of 16
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Valid Insurance for vehicle

For more information find Fort Liberty's detailed registration instructions here or contact the All American ACP at the phone number listed above.


Cleland Ice Rink

Cleland Ice Rink Address
3-1606 Rock Merritt Avenue, Fort Liberty, NC 28307
Formerly: 1606 Reilly Street, Fort Bragg, NC 28307
Phone: 910-396-5127