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    CAHA Covid Update

    Good Morning Cape Fear Families!

    On Monday November 16th, our governing body CAHA (Carolina Amateur Hockey Association) held a meeting for all affiliate organization’s leadership to release new and updated COVID-19 policies.  This informational meeting released an executive summary of CAHA Policy Mandates that all affiliates are required to follow, effective November 16th.  

    We are asking for all families (players, coaches and parents) to help us keep Hockey going in the great states of North Carolina and South Carolina by reviewing and following the guidelines set upon us by CAHA.  Many states are shutting hockey back down and CAHA is trying very hard to ensure that doesn’t happen here as well.  In order to do that though, we all need to do our part and follow the guidelines they are asking of us.  We do fully understand that there are varying beliefs and personal thoughts regarding these mandates but it is our responsibility to adhere to them in order to keep our kids playing hockey this season.  

    We appreciate our families support during this very unique season and are looking forward to keeping hockey going in North Carolina!

    Thank you, Your CFYHA Exec Board

    11/24 Rink Update

    Good Morning Warrior Parents!


    This morning we received another update from AJ, the rink manager for Cleland. While this photo below is a nice sight to see with water going down on the rink surface, we want everyone to remain positive and optimistically cautious for the opening in the next few weeks. At this time, it is now projected for an opening of December 7th. The one week date delay is due to a COVID inspection needing to be done once the ice has been laid, and the repaired equipment proven to be functioning properly.

    We know that anything can happen this season but things seem to be moving in the right direction. We want to share continued updates, even with adjustments on opening day, as they are important to ensure everyone stays up to date on the status.



    Your CFYHA Exec Committee

    Meet our 2020-2021 Head Coaching Staff

    Jasen Rintala
    Programs: Learn to Play, 8U Mites, 8U/10U/12URecreational/House
    Kory Bertsch
    Program: 10U Squirts Travel Team
    Nick Myhre
    Program: 12U Travel Travel
    Please take a moment to congratulate all our head coaches and feel free to email them any questions that you may have.

    Cape Fear Youth Hockey

    Cape Fear Youth Hockey Association

    Our mission is to grow a youth hockey program that offers different levels of competition.  Enrollment is open to all children (military and non-military).  We strive to provide a curriculum that improves hockey skills for all levels, playing in a safe, fun and competitive environment. Above all, our goal is to foster life time skills such as discipline, teamwork, and good sportsmanship in all of the children within our association.  We are a USA Hockey sanctioned program; we abide by the rules and guidelines of USA HockeyCarolina Amateur Hockey Association, and Carolinas Hockey League.

    Sponsored by Carolina Hurricanes Foundation

    Carolina Hurricanes Foundation

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    Thank you to the Carolina Hurricanes Foundation for their continued support and initiative, growing youth hockey programs in the Carolinas!

    Carolina Hurricanes Foundation Featuring Cape Fear Youth Hockey Association

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    Coaches' Corner

    Coaches' Corner

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    Our organization is not endorsed by DoD or the Army and this is a non-federal entity.  It is not part of the department of defense or any of its components and has no governmental status.