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COVID Season Information

USA Hockey COVID Statement

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Latest Update: August 18, 2020

As USA Hockey continues adapting to the coronavirus situation, the safety of participants always remains our top priority. USA Hockey will sanction hockey for the 2020-21 season and medical experts have confirmed that with taking appropriate precautions, it is indeed safe to play hockey today.

Thank you to all players, parents, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers for your continued passion and support for hockey in the United States and we’re all looking forward to returning to more normal times as soon as possible. In the meantime, all updates related to the coronavirus pandemic can be found here.

CHL Protocols for Covid - 19

CHL Protocols for Covid - 19

The Covid-19 pandemic has already had a significant impact on the upcoming youth hockey season, and will continue to do so throughout the fall. There are uncertainties at every turn related to tryouts, rink openings, start dates and cancellations among other issues. The Carolinas Hockey League recognizes the complexity of the issues. We realize that individual states, cities, and rinks may have more or less restrictive rules. These protocols do not supersede those regulations, but will serve to provide some consistency across all affiliates in an effort to fairly manage problems that may arise.

I. Start of season - consider starting later and condensing schedule (fewer in season exhibitions to open more weekends). Pros - extend season start to a time where we hopefully have a better handle on the pandemic. Cons - a cancellation in a condensed time frame means more games cancelled.

II. League schedule: Proposals:
Increase number of league games - decrease exposures to different teams Minimize/eliminate crossover games in multi-division leagues.

III. Game schedule format

eliminate round robins to decrease number of teams in rink.

IV. Game attendance

No fans in stands.

V. Locker rooms - essential personnel only. If players need assistance with dressing, should be done at home or in more open areas such as lobby.

VI. Reporting of Covid positives in a team - Affected team to immediately notify Commissioner for that division, scheduled opponents, and any teams played in previous 14 days.

VII. Game cancellations due to Covid - follow inclement weather policy. Reschedule if possible, if not possible games are recorded as a tie.

IX: Ice time expense for cancellations due to Covid - propose using inclement weather fund for partial reimbursement. Understand that a large number of cancellations will exceed capacity of fund. Applications for reimbursement submitted at conclusion of season. A committee will review applications and distribute funds fairly.

X. Season ending tournaments - do we have them, do we change format, do we postpone to later in season, etc?

Updated CAHA Mask Notice 11.25.20

Warrior Families,

Hope everyone is doing well and is ready to enjoy Thanksgiving in whichever way you can this year.  We have just received an update from CAHA regarding the announcement that came out on Monday as to how we will be required to operate starting hockey moving forward. 

The State of North Carolina Executive Order 180 that was published Monday took out the exemption of mask use not being required when exercising.  With this change, all player groups will be required to have masks on when on the ice as well as off the ice, no matter if playing/skating or sitting on the bench.  Please understand, we are not creating this rule, we are simply enforcing this as the order was very clear about enforcement, fines for non-compliance.  

This will take affect immediately for all hockey Cape Fear practices, games and events. 

This will be a challenging time for us all, but we are committed to continue operating inside of the guidelines while we can in order to keep Hockey going this season.  Please reach out to us with any questions, we will try and help with anything we can. We foresee this being challenging for many groups.  We greatly appreciate everyone’s continued support throughout this mess, we wouldn’t be able to keep running without your help.

If you would like to review the updated CAHA FAQ’s, please see them at the below document.  

CAHA Covid Update

Good Morning Cape Fear Families!

On Monday November 16th, our governing body CAHA (Carolina Amateur Hockey Association) held a meeting for all affiliate organization’s leadership to release new and updated COVID-19 policies.  This informational meeting released an executive summary of CAHA Policy Mandates that all affiliates are required to follow, effective November 16th.  

We are asking for all families (players, coaches and parents) to help us keep Hockey going in the great states of North Carolina and South Carolina by reviewing and following the guidelines set upon us by CAHA.  Many states are shutting hockey back down and CAHA is trying very hard to ensure that doesn’t happen here as well.  In order to do that though, we all need to do our part and follow the guidelines they are asking of us.  We do fully understand that there are varying beliefs and personal thoughts regarding these mandates but it is our responsibility to adhere to them in order to keep our kids playing hockey this season.  

We appreciate our families support during this very unique season and are looking forward to keeping hockey going in North Carolina!

Thank you, Your CFYHA Exec Board