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By Stephanie L. Powell, 12/04/18, 9:45PM EST


Vice Presidential Resumes


My name is Rob Fees and I am currently assistant coach of the Warriors Squirt A travel team. I am a USA Hockey CEP Level 3 coach, in my 4th season coaching overall and second with Cape Fear. My son, Rylan, is in his second year playing for the Warriors and my wife, Megan, and daughter, Reagan, are proud Warrior supporters. We have been a hockey family for nearly 5 years and we gladly put life on hold from September to March and dedicate ourselves to the great game of hockey. As you all know, hockey season is often stressful and hectic, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I arrived at Fort Bragg in July of 2003 and with the exception of 3 years spent in Colorado, I have called the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg area my home. I have served in a multitude of leadership roles and in many different commands on Fort Bragg throughout my 16 year career. We were excited to return “home” to Fort Bragg in 2017 and even more excited to join the Warrior family. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to give back to the community by coaching within the Cape Fear Youth Hockey Association.

My hockey story is not typical. I did not grow up playing youth hockey. I became involved in the sport when Rylan started playing for the Colorado Rampage in 2015 and I immediately fell in love with the game. I began going to adult skills clinics and playing in a novice recreational league and by the middle of Rylan’s first season, I was asked to assist as a coach. Coaching kids has been one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done. I absolutely love watching young players work hard and seeing their growth each season.

While in Colorado, I also had the chance to work with a non-profit organization called Dawg Nation Hockey Foundation. Dawg Nation’s mission is to provide financial assistance to hockey families that have endured hardship due to injury, illness, or death. In the 7 years that Dawg Nation has been in existence, the foundation has generated and provided over 1.5 million dollars in assistance to the Colorado hockey community. As captain of the Colorado Springs Dawgs, I was directly involved as the link between my team and the foundation, coordinating our volunteer efforts and fundraising. With the help of my assistant captain, we organized the first adult, novice-only hockey tournament in the region and in one weekend, raised over $12,000 for the foundation and presented a check for $5000 to an Army veteran and hockey player that was battling cancer. The hockey community is filled with amazing, giving individuals and I want to continue to serve that community in every capacity that I can.

I am running for the position of Vice-President of CFYHA to increase my involvement in our great organization. I look at our association as a business. Our product is our players, the ice is our factory, and our coaching staff and managers are the workers that keep us running. It is our duty to produce the best hockey players that we can. We owe these kids the best opportunities, the most fun, and the best overall experience possible. Our number one priority should be what happens on the ice. As VP, I hope to become the voice of the coaches and players and will try my best to ensure that they have everything that they need to succeed. I want to see our program grow. The director of our family’s former hockey program had a philosophy that we should all be attempting to “grow the game” at all age levels. That is how I ended up taking the ice for the first time, at the age of 35, and what has led to my love of hockey and coaching kids. He instilled that desire to grow the game in me and I will work hard to do that for CFYHA. We are faced with retention challenges in a military town. I would like to develop partnerships with associations in other military communities across the nation to put our PCSing families in touch with their programs and likewise have them put families in contact with CFYHA before their arrival to Fort Bragg.

My son is a young player and will continue to play for the Warriors for the foreseeable future. Our family has longevity in this organization and I have a vested interest in making it better and more sustainable. I am willing to roll up my sleeves and do everything that I can to help improve Cape Fear Youth Hockey and ensure its continued success into the future. Thank you.

Rob Fees



Martin Richardson

Executive Director, Dawg Nation Hockey Foundation


Trevor Clark

Ambassador, Dawg Nation Hockey Foundation

Assistant Captain, Colorado Springs Dawgs


Al Pedersen

Manager/8U Age Group Director, Monument Ice Rinks


Robert Allen

Command Sergeant Major, Retired


Hello CFYHA Families:

Please allow me to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Jennifer Adams and I have decided to throw my hat in the ring for VP of CFYHA. 

To those who do not know my story or history I’ll be brief.  My professional resume includes 12 +years of banking experience, 15+ years in Customer Service, and over 4 year management experience as an assistant bank branch manager and a district manager for a video store chain. 

As far as hockey goes, I think I knew what I was getting into over 20 years ago when I met Mike and we were married at center ice on my hometown rink.  It’s been about hockey ever since. My oldest son started with CFYHA over 9 years ago.  My introduction to CFYHA was a tumultuous one as we entered into the association at a time when the current board had gone rouge and the association was on the verge of losing their status on Ft. Bragg.  During the next election I ran as Secretary, won and continued in that position for 4 years.  During my time I had a hand in seeing the rink through a government shut-down, have seen 3 presidents come and go, 3 rink managers come and go and families start in ADM and move on to other things.  As part of my duties as secretary I took on developing and implementing the ADM program as well as getting the association started in the Try Hockey for Free program.  I am happy to see that those are still going strong and helping to spread the word of hockey and to grow the game in Fayetteville, which was my intent from the start.

My interest in running for VP is simple.  I love this game.  I love having a hand in providing a place for kids to learn about success, failure; camaraderie, rivalry; sportsmanship and to learn what it means to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible.  I embrace the pure joy that comes across a kid’s face when they overcome a fear and realize their potential.  My guiding principle has been and always will be how do we grow the game and how do we help our kids grow in this association.

If elected VP, I will continue with this same passion and pursuit. 


Thank you for your time.

I look forward to your vote.

-Jennifer Adams


Good Evening Cape Fear Families!


As many of you know, Jim Von Canon, after serving our Association in many capacities for many years, has recently stepped down as our Vice President. We are very grateful for his guidance, steadfast resolve and always putting the players first. With this said, Jennifer Adams graciously stepped in immediately to act in the capacity of Vice President. However, according to our ByLaws, a vote by quorum of membership at a meeting is required to elect any Interim Board Member.


This email serves as official notification and opportunity for any candidates to put forward their name and resumes/qualifications for the open position of Interim Vice President. The term runs until the Official Election at the Spring 2019 Membership Meeting. (late March or early April TBD)


We request that this is done by December 1 so we may have a vote no later than December 6. More to follow on specific date and time of membership meeting. Should anyone have any questions about the duties of the Vice President, the Bylaw is attached to this email.  


Thank you as always for your continued support.


Wishing you the best in Hockey and Life,





Vice President: The duties of the Vice President shall be to assist the President in the general administration of the Association and its functions and programs and to preside in any meeting of the Association at which the President is absent. The duties of the Vice President shall include, but not be limited to coordinating the activities of all standing and special committees of the Association and working with the President, and the Coaching Director to solve all problems and protest. Assists the Treasurer in preparing the annual budgets to be presented by the Treasurer. Chair and approve the Hockey Operations Committee to include all scheduling of games, scheduling of ice for practices, and other matters concerning the scheduling of meeting and other hockey operations.



Stephanie L. Powell

Secretary, CFYHA


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