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Cape Fear is Moving to SportsEngine

By Admin, 04/29/18, 10:15PM EDT


A brief overview of some big changes for how Cape Fear will do business and send and receive information using SportsEngine

Good Evening Cape Fear!

As you may have heard at the Spring Membership meeting, the Board was very close to switching to a new Association Management website, SportsEngine. That time time is here!

Our Registrar, Val D and Secretary, Stephanie have been diligently working with our great SportsEngine consultants to put together a cohesive streamline experience for our membership.  We have started out small.  Our first LIVE Registration is up POND HOCKEY Session 2.

With this move, there are some things that you will need to be aware of.

#1 Goaline will be going away totally over the next few weeks.  But, pertinant content for the day to day running of Cape Fear will be carried over.
#2 CFYHA will NO longer under any circumstances be able to take check or cash payents.  A monitary transaction will be necessary to complete registration.  A checking account, Debit/Checkcard, or Credit Card will need to be used to complete registration. There is no more PayPal.  A Visa giftcard, such as the Vanilla Card will work for those who do not have any of the above payments options.  There is a very small convenience fee that is added to the registrations. 3.5% + 1.15
#3 USA Hockey drives registration.  It will populate the registration with the in informtion provided.  It WILL NOT allow you to register without a current USA Hocky Number.  But, the link is right there to update or enroll.

Right now we have a skelteton site, with only the Spring Pond Hockey 2 registration available. It is capped at 50 and will automatically close when 50 is reached.  Here is the link if you are interested.  It begins on May 24 and runs 6 weeks for $85.

If you have any questions about registrations, you may contact Val Detweiler (Registrar) at
or general questions to
and we will do our best to answer them or find someone who can.

This is all new and very exciting!  This swap was a long time coming, but timing was on our side. Goaline contract was up and Pond Hockey is a great success, putting money in the bank. Thank you for investing in the continued success of CFYHA, while allowing your kids to hang out and play some really fun hockey and get to know each other. We cannout be more please at how the Membership has taken to this offering and we hope to continue it, perhaps one more session, if the interest is there.

Wishing you all the best in Hockey and Life,

Kristen, Jim, Summer & Stephanie and Val D, Adam, Mike &  Barrett