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Updated NC COVID Mask Update - Executive Order

By CC/MF, 11/24/20, 5:30PM EST


Updated NC Executive Order

Warrior Family,

Following last week's CAHA COVID policy updates, Gov Cooper has signed the attached Executive Order for "Increased Face Covering Requirements to Prevent the Rapid Spread of COVID-19", which go into effect Wednesday, 25 November at 5pm.  I can assure you that every parent and adult on the CFYHA staff can relate to the concern, frustration, and confusion that many of you might be going through right now, and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact anyone on the CFYHA staff.  Your family's safety and welfare is our primary concern, and as always, we will continue to notify you of all updates as they come to our attention.

Highlights from the Executive Order include the following:

  • In North Carolina in recent weeks,COVID-19 daily case counts have been at their highest point to-date since the onset of the pandemic;
    • there have been recent increases, compared to previous weeks' levels, in the percent of emergency department visits that are for COVID-19-like illnesses and in COVID-19-associated hospitalizations;
    • iCOVID-19-associated hospitalizations have been at record highs, and daily deaths attributable to COVID-19 have been at or near record highs; 
  • To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, particularly in indoor settings where the virus is transmitted more easily, the undersigned has determined that Face Coverings must be worn in all indoor public settings where other individuals may be present, regardless of one's perceived ability to maintain physical distance of at least six (6) feet; and businesses in North Carolina must do their part to "flatten the curve" of COVID-19 in North Carolina, by ensuring their employees and Guests wear Face Coverings at all times while on their premises, and by denying entry to those Guests who do not wear Face Coverings, unless an exception to the requirement applies; and
    • Face Coverings should continue to be worn outdoors when it is not possible to consistently be physically distant, by at least six (6) feet, from non-household members; and all North Carolinians must follow the Mass Gathering limit as revised downward in Executive Order No. 176, and following this Mass Gathering limit -ten (10) people indoors and fifty (50) people outdoors - is critical for stemming the spread of disease in this state, because studies have shown significant spread of COVID-19 through indoor and outdoor family or social gatherings;
  • For any place outside the home, including but not limited to businesses, schools, and other establishments and spaces:
    • Face Coverings must be worn indoors if anyone else is in that space who is not a member of the same household.
    • Face Coverings must be worn outdoors if it is not possible to consistently be physically distant by more than six ( 6) feet from non household members.
  • These requirements shall apply to all people at least five ( 5) years old, unless an exception applies. These requirements are recommended for all people over the age of two (2) years old.
  • Face Coverings and Exercise. People must wear Face Coverings while exercising if they are either:
    • Outdoors and within six ( 6) feet of someone who does not reside in the exercising person's household; or 
    • Indoors and not within their own home
  • Enforcement of Face Covering Requirements.
    • If a person does not wear a Face Covering in a situation where a Face Covering is required under this Executive Order, and if an exception to the Face Covering requirement does not apply:
      • a. Law enforcement officers may cite the people who failed to wear Face Coverings as required by Executive Order; and/or
      • b. Law enforcement officers may cite a business or organization that failed to enforce the requirement to wear Face Coverings.
    • Further, if a business or organization does not allow entry to a worker or Guest because that person refuses to wear a Face Covering, and if that worker or Guest enters the premises and refuses to leave the premises, law enforcement personnel may enforce the trespassing laws and any other laws that the worker or Guest may violate.
  • The following sentence is added to Executive Order No. 169, Section 3.10, which is entitled "Parks":
    • Unless an exception applies, Face Coverings are required for all people in parks if they are either within six ( 6) feet of another person or are indoors.
  • Section 3.2(b) of Executive Order No. 163 (incorporated by Section 3.13 of Executive Order No. 169) is amended to read:
    • b. In Restaurants. Unless an exception applies:
      • Restaurants must have all workers wear Face Coverings.
      • In addition, these establishments must have all Guests wear Face Coverings (including at their table) when they are not actively drinking or eating.
  • Phase Three Executive Order Remains in Effect; Extended Through December 11, 2020. Executive Order No. 169 (which includes, for avoidance of doubt, those provisions of Executive Order No. 163 which were incorporated into and extended by Executive Order No. 169 and the amendments to Executive Order No. 169 made by Executive Order No. 176), remains in effect except as expressly set forth in this Executive Order and is hereby extended through the duration of this Executive Order, through December 11, 2020 at 5:00 pm.



Michael E. Ferreira


Cape Fear Youth Hockey Association 

Cell: 813-415-4100