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COVID Updates from CAHA

By CC, 11/20/20, 9:15AM EST


Good Morning Cape Fear Families!

On Monday November 16th, our governing body CAHA (Carolina Amateur Hockey Association) held a meeting for all affiliate organization’s leadership to release new and updated COVID-19 policies.  This informational meeting released an executive summary of CAHA Policy Mandates that all affiliates are required to follow, effective November 16th.  

We are asking for all families (players, coaches and parents) to help us keep Hockey going in the great states of North Carolina and South Carolina by reviewing and following the guidelines set upon us by CAHA.  Many states are shutting hockey back down and CAHA is trying very hard to ensure that doesn’t happen here as well.  In order to do that though, we all need to do our part and follow the guidelines they are asking of us.  We do fully understand that there are varying beliefs and personal thoughts regarding these mandates but it is our responsibility to adhere to them in order to keep our kids playing hockey this season.  

Specfic highlights of the new CAHA COVID Policies that we would like to note include:

Mask Mandate: 

  • ALL players, coaches, parents and siblings are required to wear a mask at all indoor and outdoor team events.  Team events are: travel weekends, Dryland training, warm ups, practices, games, team meetings, dinners, etc.  
  • Players do not need to wear a mask during ON ICE practice/games only.  They must wear them for Dryland and warmups.  They also will be required to wear them up until the point of entering the bench at games.  

If a violation of this mask mandate is found:

  • First Offense - Verbal Warning
  • Second Offense - One (1) Week Suspension from all Team Activities. 
  • Third Offense – Thirty (30) day Summary Suspension from all Team Activities. 

COVID Exposure:

  • Any team with a player that tests positive and has had a team event within 48 hours of the players first symptoms, is required to quarantine and not return to team events for two (2) weeks. 
  • Players/teams may not ‘test’ out of quarantine or isolation. 

If you would like to read more details about the updated polices, please refer to the "COVID 19 Updated Policy" document found at:

We appreciate our families support during this very unique season and are looking forward to keeping hockey going in North Carolina!

Thank you,

Your CFYHA Exec Board