Ball Hockey

It's Hockey on your Feet!

"Ball hockey is such a wonderful opportunity, a wonderful experience, and for people who enjoy the game [of hockey, in general] …. But skating is such a hurdle to the game of ice hockey. I love that ball hockey is in the family. It's the same idea and I hope that people see it as more accessible but still as equal opportunity to play the game of hockey."

~Mandi Duhamel
NHL's Senior Director of Business Insights and Industry Growth
Co-chair of the NHL and NHLPA's Female Hockey Advisory Committee


Cape Fear Youth Hockey would like to thank USA Ball Hockey for sponsoring Ball Hockey For Free as part of their Grow the Game Initiative. For information about additional ball hockey events please contact

What kids need to bring
1) A pair of sneakers (required)
2) A helmet - any type: bike, hockey, or something similar (required)
3) Gloves - any type: (required)
4) Other protective gear such as shoulder, elbow, shin, and/or knee pads (recommended)
5) Hockey or ball hockey stick (if you have one)

Additional Information

Ball Hockey will meet on the Dryland Rink behind Cleland Rink (adjacent to the skate park).

Bleachers are available for parents to stay and watch the practice. Restrooms available inside Cleland Rink.